Softgel Capsules Manufacturing

Softgel Capsules Manufacturing

“To support pharma companies with the latest innovations in Softgel technology and to become a global leader as a manufacturer of Herbal, Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical Softgel capsules by providing customized products of highest quality.

Our mission is to make best use of the latest technology and make significant contribution to health care industry. Thereby achieving market leadership in all segments of our product line.“

Sahasrayogam Softgel

Sahasrayogam Softgel has recently set up its state-of-the-art and dedicated  softgel encapsulation

Facility for manufacture of soft gelatin capsules and provides Outsourcing Solutions to the Ayurvedic softgel capsules, Herbal supplements and Neutraceutical industry.

Located in Pharma city of Hyderabad

We feel privileged to inform that we are the Only Ayurvedic softgel capsules company in South India with our Own Softgel encapsulation facility which complies with Best standards ..

We offer highest range of Ayurvedic Softgel Products for diverse clinical conditions making the Ayurveda more Patient friendly in terms of Palatability and Affordability.

Ayurveda Physicians across the country have appreciation and acceptability for our softgels and are supporting to the core.

With consistent quality were able to get very respectable leaders of Ayurvedic Industry as our clients for Contract Third party manufacturing


  1. Gelatin Preparation– Granulated Gelatin and other ingredients are mixed  in warm water in a gelatin melting tank. With appropriate heat, mixing and vacuum, the ingredients form a thick syrup called a “gel mass” for use in encapsulation. Color may be added during the melting process or in a separate machine.                                
  1. Fill Material Preparation – Medicament preparations,  the non-aqueous oil or paste that will be encapsulated. Prepared in processing tanks, mixers, vacuum homogenizers, sieves and mills.
  1. Encapsulation– Process of converting the gel mass into a thin layer of gelatin and wrapping it around the fill material to form a Soft gel capsule.
  1. Drying– Process which removes excess moisture from the gelatin shell to shrink and firm up the Softgel capsule. Drying occurs either by tumbling or by a combination of tumbling and tray drying  in a drying chamber under controlled temperature and Relative humidity. Total time is 72 hrs
  1. Cleaning, Inspection and Sorting – After drying the capsule, they are cleaned , sorted for any difference in sizes . Bulk packaging in 1000s and blister packing  based upon the intended use of the Soft gel capsule.

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance

The most sophisticated testing equipment at Sahasrayogam Softgel ensures the best quality product of highest & most pure standards.

All raw materials from time of entry through in process to finished goods are tested by the stringent & strict methods. Quality Control follows established pharmacopeia methods such as USP, BP, IP & others.

Quality Assurance department ensures consistent quality products by maintaining vigil through QA checks at each stage.

Sahasrayogam Softgel have team of qualified, experienced & dedicated professionals. We  also makes sure high quality nutraceuticals products are always delivered through our “best in class” infrastructure, world class technology and experienced staff.


Sahasrayogam Softgel, a third party  manufacturer is dedicated to provide the best services in contract manufacturing space, by manufacturing consistently quality products for both domestic and Global buyers. The manufacturing facility is equipped with best of the machinery and technology available in the market. The manufacturing facility is also backed with our esteemed QA/QC team which is responsible for all the quality tests of material from the time of entry through production till it reaches finish good stores and sold.

We offer following services:-

  • Formulation Development.
  • Complete testing of raw material to finished product.
  • Documentation for international regulatory authorities.
  • batch to trial bat. to pilot mfg. And transfer of tech.
  • Stability studies as per ICH guidelines.
  • Process, cleaning and Analytical method validation.
  • Facility complying to meet the US FDA , European regulation
  • Built on strong R&D, ARD and F&D infrastructure
  • Unilateral flow of raw material and packing material.
  • Dedicated Air handling system, Clean room facilities
  • Well designed utilities like purified water, compressed air etc.


Softgel Healthcare provides quality products and services that meet National

and International Standards. The facility has been designed as per the latest

regulatory standards and will undergo audits by:

WHO GMP ·                                    ISO 9001-2000

USFDA, Ayush GMP,                         FSSAI

We offer Different Sizes, and fill weights of the capsules depending opn the individual requirement

Fill Weight  Size Shape
200-300 mg 6 minim Round
250-350 mg 7,5 minim Oval
500-700 mg 14 minim Oval, Oblong & Applicap
750-900 mg 20 minim Oval
900 mg – 1100 mg 22 minim Oval & Oblong
1200 mg – 1600 mg 30 minim Oval & Oblong

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