Keshamrith Hair Oil

Causes of hair fall:
Lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking and stress can cause hair loss. External factors such as pollution, Sun exposure and hair products such as bleaches or dyes also trigger hair loss. Repeated trauma to hair shaft from traction (pulling), bleaching, perming, blow-drying are most common causes of hair shaft issues in adults.

KeshamrithPhysiological Causes: Nutritional factors, Decreased Protein, Calcium, Vitamins, Iron intake, increased Androgens such as Dihydrotestosterone levels.

Pathological Causes: Thyroid disorders, Anaemia, Post Child-birth, Auto Immune disease, Defective immune system results increased inflammation in body and affects Hair follicles. Any of the above abnormalities produce fragile and brittle hair, presenting as diffuse or patchy hair loss or short hair and hair that will not grow beyond a certain length.

 Therapeutic actions of Keshamrith hair oil: 

      • Keshamrith Hair Oil has Triglycerides of Lauric acid with high affinity for hair proteins that binds to natural protein structure of the hair. Due to its low-molecular weight and straight liner chain, it penetrates into the hair shaft which helps in retaining natural moisture content and reinforce hair fibre by making it stronger.
      • Phyto sterols and Triterpenoids of Eclipta alba extracts promotes hair growth by strengthening the weakened veins that supply blood to hair follicles, thus Keshamrith Hair Oil acts as a growth enhancer.
      • Triterpenoids and flavonoids from aqueous extract of Hibiscus in Keshamrith Hair Oil promotes hair growth.
      • Keshamrith Hair Oil enhances Follicular density and regulate Cyclic hair growth phases resulting in longer hair by virtue of Glycyrrhizin and Coumarins.
      • Flavonoids and Saponins in Abrus extracts of Keshamrith Hair Oil increase Anagen phase of Hair growth and reduce the Catagen phase and also increase the length.
      • Emblica used in Keshamrith Hair Oil has Phyto-minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fixed oils and flavonoids like rutin and quercetin that promotes enlargement of Follicular dimension and prolongation of Anagen segment.
      • Saccharum extract in Keshamrith Hair Oil has Alpha-hydroxy acids more specifically Glycolic acid which penetrates into hair shaft allowing hair to withstand heat and helps increase tensile strength.
      • Keshamrith Hair Oil stabilizes keratin over time which promotes cell renewal on scalp. This helps clear excessive dead cell follicles, allowing more room for thicker hair strands.

 Caution: Above content is for information only, not for self-treatment or diagnosis. Medications are to be strictly taken under Ayurvedic physician’s prescription only.

Composition: Each 10 ml contains

Sanskrit Name Scientific Name Part Used Qty.
Tila tailam 5 ml
Kera tailam 5 ml
Bhringaraja Eclipta alba Lf 0.1 gm
Amalaki Emblica officinalis Fr 0.1 gm
Dasani  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Lf 0.1 gm
Prapundareeka   Sacharum officinarum Sp juice extract 0.1 gm
Pippali    Piper longum Fr 0.1 gm
Madhuka  Madhuka longifolia Fl 0.1 gm
Yashti   Glycirrhiza glabra Rt 0.1 gm
Gunja   Abrus precatorius Sd 0.1 gm
Kushta  Sausarrea lappa Rt 0.3 gm
Rajani   Curcuma longa Rz 0.3 gm
Patola   Trichosanthes dioica Lf 0.3 gm
Cow’s milk 10 ml
Goat milk 10 ml
Coconut milk 10 ml

Dosage:Apply 5-10 ml on scalp and hair 1 hour before bath thrice a week and wash with keshowin herbal shampoo smoothly or as directed by physician.

Indications:Hair fall, Premature hair greying, splitting of Hair, Dandruff. Makes hair silky, soft, long, black, and shiny. Use along with keshowin hair pack and keshowin shampoo for best results.

Presentation:100 ml


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