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Gasease is the comprehensive gastro protector in the disease conditions like,

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Acid-dyspepsia or Hyperacidity is the medical condition where the hyper or excess secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This excess quantity of HCl in the stomach causes discomfort resulting in acid reflux, vomiting, sour belching, uneasiness, flatulence, indigestion, lethargy, loss of appetite, constipation, burning sensation in the chest, throat, associated with abdominal pain and stiffness. Causes include alcohol consumption, smoking, eating habits (more spicy, oily, fried foods), untimely and improper food habit, stress.

Peptic ulcer Disease also known as PUD in short is the discontinuation or break in the inner lining of the stomach, initial parts of the small intestine and lower oesophagus in some cases. The pain is often dull associated with burning sensation, poor appetite, vomiting, belching.

Flatulence is farting or passing wind from back passage of the digestive system. Flatulence is normal physiological process with the frequency of 5-15 per day but excessive flatulence can be alarming. A proportion of intestinal gas may be swallowed environmental air, and hence flatus is not totally generated in the stomach or bowels.

Gastritis is a common condition where the protective lining of the stomach is inflamed. Occasionally bleeding and ulcers in the stomach can be found with less inflammation, this condition is erosive gastritis.

Gasease is effective in heartburn, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, epigastric tenderness, hiccup, headache etc.

How does Gasease act:
      • Increased sourness and sharpness or penetrating power of the gastric secretions is reduced by Gasease decreasing the gastric sensitivity and hence the inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
      • In heartburn and GERD, acid backs up into the food pipe due to irritated oesophageal sphincter. The continuous irritation of the sphincter leads to its malfunctions. Gasease acts on this and restores the balance and so gives relief from all gastric diseases occurring due to this. Therefore, Gasease is highly useful in hyperacidity, gastritis, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), or acid reflux.
Action of Gasease on HCl:
      • Maintaining and restoring the natural balance in acid secretion is done by Gasease and also reduces gastric irritation by neutralizing acid in the stomach.
Gasease on Peptic:
      • Gastric mucosa, and linings of the oesophagus, and oesophageal sphincter gets soothed by Gasease helping to reduce the irritation.
      • The leakage of stomach acids back into the oesophagus is also prevented by Gasease hence useful in gastric and peptic ulcer. The flavonoids present in Gasease are useful in treating ulcers
Gasease as Anti-spasmodic:
      • On abdominal muscles, Gasease has potent antispasmodic action reduceing abdominal cramps, which may occur due to excess flatulence or gastritis.
      • Anti-allergic and analgesic action is exhibited and provides the relief from pain in abdominal spasms.
Benefits of Gasease:
      • In loss of appetite and conditions like heartburn, acid reflux, or hyperacidity Gasease is a good remedy.
      • For gastritis induced sickness Gasease is highly effective medicine as it prevents nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, feeling of restlessness, and dizziness.
      • It also eliminates undigested food which may also be associated with heartburn and sour belching.

Caution: Above content is for information only, not for self-treatment or diagnosis. Medications to be strictly taken under ayurvedic physician’s prescription only.

Composition: Each 500 mg tablet contains extracts of

Sanskrit Name Scientific Name Part Used Qty.
Yashti madhu Glycirrhiza glabra Rt 200 mg
Sootasekhara ras 150 mg
Shankavati 150 mg

Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice a day, along with plain or lukewarm water or milk for 60-90 days or as directed by Vaidya.

Indications: Hyperacidity, Peptic ulcers , Duodenal ulcers, Flatulence, Gastritis.

Presentation: 10×10 Tablet Blister Pack & 1000s Jar Pack.


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