Manocalm Capsules

Manocalm is formulation which helps experience freshness in the psychological conditions like,


Stress: the emotional pain, pressure, strain is termed as stress. Although the small amount stress is good for the emotional build, motivation and also for the athletic performances, the amount of stress if increased has severe effect leading to heart attack, ulcers, strokes and mental illness and depression. External related to the environment and the changes, whereas internal is the perception of the individual leading to the complicated experience of anxiety, pressure, discomfort, negative emotional aura. This may cause headache, psychological discomfort and pain.

Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mind often associated with nervous behaviour including somatic pains and complaints, rumination, pacing back and forth. It is emotional apprehension over anticipated events. It effects the capacity to concentrate, restlessness, fatigue, muscular tension, nausea.

Sleeplessness or Insomnia the condition where one has trouble sleeping, staying asleep as long as required. It is characterized by sleepiness in the day time, irritability, low energy and depressed mood. Insomnia can also be associated with severe pain, psychological stress, heartburn, hyperthyroidism, menopause, certain medications, drugs, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Life style changes like night awakening, night shift works, sleep apnoea. Can be genuinely diagnosed by sleep study.

Manocalm, used as one of the main cognitive ingredients to orient the psychological behaviour.

Action of Manocalm:
      • By reducing the secretion of cortisol which is important in those suffering from extreme stress or anxiety, Manocalm elevates the mood also useful to keep calm during the day.
      • The serotonin and dopamine levels are increased by Manocalm relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression  An Increase in neurotransmitters levels by Manocalm which will fight against depression.
Benefits of Manocalm:
      • In neurodegenerative disease, stress, anxiety, and brain fog Manocalm will act as a nootropic supplement and naturally boost the memory, brain and cognitive functions.
      • Intake of Manocalm reduces the risk of free radical oxidation meaning resistance to stress, rejuvenates mind, makes feel younger, alert and feel of calm, relax.

Caution: Above content is for information only, not for self-treatment or diagnosis. Medications to be strictly taken under ayurvedic physician’s prescription only.

Composition: Each 500 mg capsule contains extracts of

Sanskrit Name Scientific Name Part Used Qty.
Aswagandha Withania somnifera Rt 100mg
Bramhi Bacopa monnieri Pl 50 mg
Muktabhasma Calx of Pearl 25 mg
Shankhapushpi Convolvulus pluricalis Pl 50 mg
Bhadramusta Cyperus scariosus Rz 50 mg
Hamsapadi Adiantum philippense Lf/Rz 75 mg
Jatamamsi Nardostachys jatamansi Rz 100 mg
Sarpagandha Rauwolfia-serpentina Rt 50 mg

Dosage:2 Capsules twice a day or at bed time with hot water or milk after food for 90-120 days or as directed by Vaidya.

Indications: Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia

Presentation: 10×10 Blister pack, 1000s Jar packing


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