Powders & Granules Manufacturing

Powders & Granules Manufacturing

At Sahasrayogam we have a dedicated Granules Manufacturing Unit. Under Strict GMP Manufacturing Conditions, under supervision of Expert Doctors, All the Process is done in a sterile environment in SS containers.

Granules Manufacturing

Granules are dried liquid (Liquid) extracts processed into spherical particles composed of agglomerations of smaller particles.

Sahasrayogam manufactures Sugar candy-based granules where Extracts are reconstituted to a suspension or solution by the addition of water to make a “herbal tea” for administration, they can also be administered directly

Granules are Best medium for all Age groups, considering their Compliance and Palatability.

They have Faster disintegration In Oral cavity, ie within 20 seconds and also have better Mucosal absorption and better Palatability, ensuring Compliance by all age groups especially Kids, who have major advantages of the Granular Form

Also, The Sugar cane Candy Base Will Enhance the Absorption.

At Sahasrayogam, we have a dedicated Granules Manufacturing Unit. Under Strict GMP Manufacturing Conditions, under supervision of Expert Doctors, All the Processes are done in a sterile environment in SS containers.

Our Unique Granulation method is free from adding any unwanted Excipients or Preservatives Unlike other Companies Granule base products where they Use Starch, Stearates, Other Preservatives, making them Safe for Long term use.

Our Product range of granules cover different Range of diseases for all age groups, especially for Kids in improving their General Body Strength, Respiratory disorders allergies, and Irregular Bowels.

We at Sahasrayogam understand the Specific requirement of manufacturing the Granules with Food grade Flavours of Chocolate and Vanilla for Enhanced Palatability. This Makes our Granule based Products favourite among the Users.

Packing available in 200 gms, will shortly come up with 10 gms sachets as well

Capacity per Day – 25000 sachets

Powder Manufacturing

Powder manufacturing is the basic step in all Ayurvedic Preparations. We at Sahasrayogam take extreme care in ensuring this Fundamental step is Strictly Adhered to GMP principles

To ensure best Quality Churnas (POWDERS) we strictly follow this process

Raw material is thoroughly washed and Shade Dried with a proper enclosure to prevent dust Contamination.

Again, they are kept in Electric driers at Controlled temperature to remove moisture and also get rid of any Bacterial or Fungal contamination.

Before Pulverising the particular Herb or combination of herbs according to the formula the Pulveriser is sterilised With IPA and then the Specific Herb or combination of herbs is pulverised.

Some select Herbs are pulverised in Multimill at controlled RPMs to prevent Excess mechanical Force generated Heat affecting the Active Principles of the Herb thus preserving the Medicinal value

Different Sieves are used depending on the requirement for Quatha Churnas, Churnas,

40 Mesh to 80 mesh sieves are available depending on the requirement.

At Sahasrayogam we have a wide range of Single herb Churnas, Classical Compound herbal Preparations for Different therapeutic and regular use Purposes.

We offer customised packing forms in Sachet packing 10 gms, Pouch Packing 100 gms, and Bulk packing 1 kg packing as well.

Capacity for day – 2 Tons


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