Jeevantyadi Ghritam Saptavarti Capsules

Jeevantyadi Ghrita is for the disorders related to eye and vision. This is special formulation to counteract refractive errors like Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Cataracts, Keratoconus which is a progressive thinning of Cornea, Macular degeneration which is age related, Computer Vision Syndrome, the most common complication of present day which makes the eyes dry and decrease the frequency of blinking resulting in decreased lubrication.

Action of Jeevantyadi Ghrita:Jeevantyadi Ghrita
      • Jeevantyadi ghrita reduces frictional damage to Ocular surfaces by maintaining Hydration by Normalising Mucin secretion.
      • Flavonoids of Jeevantyadi ghrita inhibit galactosaemic cataract formation by inhibition of enzyme aldose reductase.
      • Jeevantyadi ghrita improves the functional capacity of eye and decreases various symptoms.
      • Ghee has soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, which have antioxidant properties. Vitamin A keeps outer lining of eyeball moist and prevents blindness.Vitamin D and K Strengthen orbital muscles and improves functioning of eye.
      • Glycerides in Ghee which have lubricating properties are beneficial for reduction of symptoms of CVS.
      • Amyrins, Sterols in Jeevantyadi ghrita exert Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory action preventing degeneration of Cornea and strengthens Ocular Epithelium.
      • Jeevantyadi ghrita reduces dioptric power and is better influenceable in newly detected/ recognised dioptric power.
      • Eye conditions can be successfully addressed by Jeevantyadi ghrita, especially issues of Ocular conditions like Dry Eye Syndrome, Computer Vision Syndrome, Myopia and other.
      • Lipophilic nature of Ghee facilitates entry of lipid-soluble substances across corneal epithelium irrespective of their molecular size and the transportation of the drug to the target organ.
      • With its quality of reaching into minute channels of the body, Jeevantyadi Ghrita immediately penetrates into deeper layers of eye and cleanses every minute part.
      • Jeevantyadi ghrita is rich in antioxidants which helps to reduce damage due to thinned cornea.It also enhances bio-availability allowing more tissue contact time in corneal surfaces thus aids in faster and long-lasting effect.

CautionAbove content is for information only, not for self-treatment or diagnosis. Medications are to be strictly taken under Ayurvedic physician’s prescription only.

Composition: Ingredients Each 600 mg Softgel prepared out of

Sanskrit name Scientific name Part used Weight
Jivanti Leptadenia reticulate (Rt) 26.25 gm
Prapaundarika Sacharaum officinarum (Stem ext) 65.6mg
Kakoli Asparagus racemosus(SUB) (Rt) 65.6mg
Pippali Piper longum (Fr) 65.6mg
Lodhra Symplocos racemosa (St Bk) 65.6mg
Saindhava lavana Rock salt 65.6mg
Satahva Apium graveolans (Fr) 65.6mg
Yashti Glycirrhiza glabra (Rt) 65.6mg
Draksha Vitis vinifera (Fr) 65.6mg
Sita Sacharum officinarum St Ext 65.6mg
Daruharidra Berberis aristata (Ht Wd) 65.6mg
Haritaki Terminalia chebula (Fr) 65.6mg
Vibhitaki Terminalia bellerica (Fr) 65.6mg
Amalaki Emblica officinalis (Fr) 65.6mg
Godugdha Cow Milk  33.6 ml 19.
Goghrita Cow ghee 600mg

Reference: Sahasrayogam Ghrita Prakarana
Indications: Timira (Early Cataract), Pitta Pradhana Netra Roga, Suska akshipaka, (Dry Eye), Myopia
Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice daily or as directed by the physician.
Anupana: Warm milk or Warm water
Presentataion: 10X10 Capsules Blister Pack, 1000s Jar




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